December and January Updates

FREINDS! My friends. Hello. I owe you an apology – it’s been far too long since i’ve blogged. Please forgive me. I’m still here. I’m still blogging. Casually Christiana is still going strong – I was just enjoying my last winter break before I graduate grad school and hit the job world. SAY WHAAAAAAAAAT.

The last blog I posted was December 22, which means Christmas and New Years has come and gone. Let me start by saying I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and a great and exciting New Year. Who else still can’t believe it’s 2018?

My winter break has been amazing to say the least. I have been able to spend a lot of time with family, friends and Nic and it had been absolutely perfect. It was just the right amount of relaxing and being busy, and I’m sad to see it come to end. However, I do like school, so it will be nice to get back in the swing of things (especially since it’s my LAST semester).

So, to fill you in a little about updates that happened since I last blogged, I thought I’d list a few highlights and previews!

  • I’ve discovered a new author, and I am obsessed. Her name is Jill Mansell and she is a British author who writes romantic comedy novels. I found her by complete accident while my mom and I were at Barnes & Noble, and what a great accident it was! I’m currently reading The Unexpected Consequences of Love and next I’m going to read Good at Games.
  • Last summer, I got balayage highlights. In French, balayage means to sweep or paint, and that’s just what’s done. My hair stylist basically uses a paint brush and paints a paste onto my hair. What I love about this is that the paste takes out natural color from my hair, so the lighter color looks natural and not so intense. In December, I got it touched up and went even lighter. It’s a fun new change and I’m loving it!
  • I’ve been experimenting with different hair curling tricks, and I have some great ones that are quick and easy. These tricks make it look like I spend hours doing my hair, when in reality, it’s under 20  minutes. Stay tuned for a blog tutorial on this!
  • The new Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette is AWESOME. If you like eye shadow and want to try something new – I highly recommend this palette!
  • It was my birthday on the 8th, and I had the best time celebrating. My parents and Nic and I went out for dinner and a brewery tour on the weekend (among other things) and Nic spoiled the heck out of me on my birthday night! He brought me flowers, took me out to dinner, got drinks at a beautiful bar overlooking the city then came back home – it was perfect.
  • I am doing my second half marathon in MAY! This time, I’m running it with my dad. That’s right. Half marathon blogs are coming your way.
  • We renovated our bathroom, and it’s a night and day difference – there will definitely be a blog on that coming your way soon! Let me tell ya, Pinterest is awesome. More to come on that.

So, there ya have it – a few highlights so you don’t feel like I’ve abandoned you. I have a lot of blogs in the works, so stay tuned!

I hope you’re all doing great.

Talk soon!

♥ Christiana


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