Why I Love Valentine’s Day

Hi everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged – I’ve been so busy! School is super hectic, and graduation is only a few months away. Where has the time gone? Last week was a little nuts – long story short, don’t drink ANYTHING near your computer. Ever. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Anyway, this Wednesday is Valentine’s Day! I know there are many people who look at this holiday and think it’s silly and pointless, but I’m definitely NOT one of those people. I love everything about Valentine’s Day. I love that it’s a day celebrating love, commitment and overall joy. I love that it’s a day where people share their love for one another. I love the feeling Valentine’s Day gives me. I love how often I hear “I love you” being spread. I love everything about it.

Although Valentine’s Day is once a year, I think it’s so important to ALWAYS say I love you and always make one another feel loved, whether it’s your significant other, parents, grandparents, siblings…. you name it. The feeling you get on Valentine’s Day should extend throughout the whole year, but I do love that there is a whole day dedicated to it. Valentine’s Day is a a great reminder of love, but it’s also a great reminder to make that feeling last the whole year, not for just one day.

This year for Valentine’s Day, Nic and I are going to have a sweet little dinner then cuddle up with a glass of wine and watch one of our favorite movies. I’m so excited. Whatever your Valentine’s Day plans include, I hope you all remember you are loved. Remember – you don’t need a significant other to celebrate the day. And always remember how loved you all are.

Also, I’m really excited to debut a whole new series on Casually Christiana this week. I’ll give you a hint – Nic will be involved in it and you will all love it. Stay tuned!

Have a great week, everyone!

♥ Christiana


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