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Nic and I: Our 5 Favorite Traits About Each Other

To start off this blog, I have some exciting blog news. This is the start of a new series on Casually Christiana called Nic and I. Similar to previous blogs I’ve done with Nic, this series will be focused on blogs we do together. They will range from tips, advice, stories, memories and everything in between. I’m so excited to be starting off this new series with today’s blog, which is Nic and I talking about our favorite traits about each other.

First, I’ll name my five favorite traits about Nic, then elaborate on them a little bit. Then, Nic will write down his favorite traits about me and elaborate on them as well. We’re not going to read each others favorite traits until the post is done so we can both be surprised. 🙂

My Favorite Traits About Nic 

1. Dedicated

I love how dedicated Nic is with EVERYTHING he does. He always puts his heart and soul into everything, and I love that.

2. Genuine

I love how genuine he is. It’s as simple as that.

3. Loyal

He is so loyal and would do absolutely anything for me, his family or friends. It makes my heart melt knowing he is ALWAYS there for me, day or night.

4. Loving

I love that we NEVER go a day without saying I love you (or hugging). We say it every morning, after every phone call and every night before bed. He makes me feel loved everyday, all the time.

5. Caring

My gosh, he is so caring. If I’m sick, he’s there to help with anything and everything. If I fall asleep on the couch, he covers me with a blanket. He takes amazing care of me, and I love having him.

*6. Hilarious* 

Ok… I did a bonus one because I wanted to. He is HILARIOUS and often makes me cry from laughter. He will say some crazy things, and never fails to make me laugh. Also, he gets MY jokes, which is a huge plus because not many people do.

Nic’s Favorite Traits About Me 

1. Thoughtful

I love how thoughtful she is and that she always thinks of others before herself.

2. Loving

She always has really nice things to say to me and never finishes a phone call without saying I love you.

3. Generous 

She went to a Christmas tree where children ask for gifts because their families can’t afford them, and was going to pick one child for Christmas, but ended up picking four. She came home and said “I picked four”, and I said of course you did.

4. Funny 

Her jokes don’t always make sense, but they always make me laugh.

5. Smart 

Someone wise once told me to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. I think she qualifies for that.

Well, this may be my new favorite blog series. Scratch that, it IS my new favorite. After we finished our sections, we read them to each other and watched the other smile and light up (I may have even teared up… ok I did). I loved doing this together, and I can’t wait to continue this series with him.

Try this out with your significant other or one of your friends. I can assure you, you will love it.

Have a great day, everyone.

♥ Christiana

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