It All Starts With Us

The other day I was driving home from work in the pouring rain. I saw an older man crossing the street, without an umbrella, and he was completely soaked. All I could think was that I wish I could have given him an umbrella. If I had one in my car – it would have been his.

A few weeks ago, I was at a stop light when I saw a women drop her suitcase. She was having a hard time getting it back up on her rolling cart, and she struggled for a bit until she got it back up. I was in my car, and all I could think was that I wish I could have helped her.

So often, too often, we see people struggling. Whether it’s a homeless person who’s hungry, or someone who is standing in the pouring rain without an umbrella. I try my best to help anyone I can, but I could do more. We all can do more.

Don’t get me wrong – sometimes, we physically and/or literally can’t help. I was not able to help that older man by giving him an umbrella while I was driving or the women who had dropped her suitcase because I was more than 5 cars away from her. However, if we keep this thought of helping others constantly on our minds, maybe, just maybe, we’ll be more aware of our surroundings and able to lend a lending hand to others more often.

If we all woke up everyday with the thought that we can help someone, think about how much we could change someone’s day and life. If everyday we thought about helping others, imagine the impact that would have. Sometimes, it’s hard to notice our surroundings when we’re busy with our lives – totally guilty of that. However, I’m making an effort to look around more, be more aware and help those in need in any way I can.

I’m already planning on buying some extra umbrellas for my car, so next time I can help someone who is soaking wet. It all starts with small steps.

We can all create change. We can all change someone’s life, even in the smallest ways. It all starts with us.

How you are going to help someone today? How will your actions change someone’s life?

♥ Christiana

6 thoughts on “It All Starts With Us

  1. Hey Christiana You are brilliant! Send this blog to Totes umbrella and I think they’ll send you umbrellas. Start a movement. With climate change rain storms are more prolonged and heavier. Let’s help each other out. Hope you are yours are all well. ❤️

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  2. Love this post!! I have also been thinking a lot lately about how I have the ability to help others more than I currently do. I wish that everyone had your mindset… life can be cruel, we should all be able to help one another no matter how different we are. Great post! ❤


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