Goals, Gratitude and Grad School

HI! Wow. It’s been over a month. I’ve kind of gone into hermit mode, but that’s because I was feverishly working on my Master’s Project… which I am happy to say I officially handed in yesterday! WOOOHOOO!

I started my project in May of 2017. My project was a 244 page content marketing strategy eBook for a fellowship I have been working at during grad school, and to say I’m proud of it is a major understatement.

The process of working on my Master’s Project really showed me that anything is possible when you give it your all. Throughout the process, I cried many times, had many knots in my stomach and often felt defeated. BUT… I didn’t let that stop me. Yes, I may have let it affect my mood for a bit, but it didn’t stop me or make me feel like I couldn’t do it. I think that was a major lesson I learned during this process – that it’s OK to feel defeated, as long as you don’t let it stop you from reaching your goal and don’t let that feeling of defeat stay for long. It’s OK to feel crabby or upset for a bit, but don’t let it stop you. Don’t lose sight of the end goal and the power you hold within yourself.

Another major lesson I learned in this process is that we need to remember that we are ALL capable of extraordinary things. If we are determined and set our minds to something, we CAN achieve incredible things. Seriously, we all have the power and capability to reach our goals and follow our dreams, we just need to believe in ourselves and not let those moments of defeat get to us. Life has many road bumps, but what really matters is how we deal with them and get through them.

This experience was truly incredible. I feel so grateful for my whole graduate school experience, the people who helped me along the way, everything I learned and everyone who kept on motivating me every single day (you all know who you are).

I learned a lot about content marketing and creating a powerful marketing strategy, but I also learned a lot about myself and perseverance.

Next up is graduation. Where the HECK did the time go? I’m still trying to figure that out.

Now that life has gotten a lot less hectic, I’m excited to start blogging more and being more active on Casually Christiana. Great things are coming, my friends.

Talk soon!



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