Sweet Liberty Sailing Cruise – Naples, FL

A few weeks ago, Nic and I went to Florida for my last spring break. We had an absolutely amazing time, and loved soaking in every minute of that beautiful Florida sun. While we were on our trip, we really wanted to go sailing. We both love boating, so it really was no surprise we wanted to spend some time on the water. So, we looked up sailing cruises and came across Sweet Liberty in Naples. Let me tell ya, it was amazing.

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When we found Sweet Liberty, we read about the Beach Island Shelling Cruise and thought it would be perfect for us. It was a three hour cruise – one hour sailing to Keewaydin Island, an hour on the island, then an hour sailing back to shore. The website mentioned that Keewaydin Island was full of seashells, so I was beyond excited to find some beauts to take home with us.

Nic and I got seats right at the bow of the boat, overlooking the beautiful waters in front of us. The crew provided everyone with pillows for their backs and blankets to stay warm – a sweet and kind gesture on their end. Although it was a bit chilly that morning, it didn’t make the cruise any less memorable or enjoyable.


When we arrived at Keewaydin Island, let me tell ya, it felt like a dream. We exited the boat onto the shore and walked onto the island (the water was only ankle deep, but I thought it made the whole experience even more memorable). The island was miles long, the sound of the crashing waves filled us with complete serenity, and the seashells on the shore sparkled in the sun. Nic and I collected seashells as we strolled down the shore arm in arm, and I truly felt like it was a dream and a beautiful escape from reality.

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Once the hour was up, we headed back to Sweet Liberty. The cruise back to shore was just as lovely as the cruise to the island, and we soaked in every bit of nature, animals and stunning houses on the shore. This truly was a sailing trip we’ll never forget – and one that we’ll hands down do again in the future.

If you’re looking for something to do next time you’re in Florida. I HIGHLY recommend sailing on the Sweet Liberty. The crew was wonderful, the boat was beautiful, the sights were stunning and the memories will last a lifetime. I still think about this trip all the time and how it truly was an escape from reality.

♥ Christiana

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