5 Spring Activities You Need To Do

Spring has FINALLY sprung! The flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping and that warm weather is finally starting to make its grand entrance. Spring is one of my favorite seasons (let’s be real, I love all of the seasons), but spring has a magical feeling about it. Everything is coming back to life from the cold winter, flowers begin to make their appearance and we can finally ditch those heavy winter coats. Ah, spring. I’ve missed you. To get the most out of these spring days, here are 5 spring activities you can do \ to capture the season’s beauty.

Go On A Long Walk

One of my FAVORITE spring/summer/fall (sometimes winter) activities. But there is just something about going for a walk in the spring that makes my heart flutter. The smell of flowers, the fresh air, the windy breeze, the plants beginning to bloom… I love it all. Last night, Nic and I went for an hour an a half walk along the lake in light coats and enjoyed the spring air. It was beautiful, refreshing and relaxing. We loved it.

Get A Fresh Bouquet Of Flowers

Another spring activity I love is getting a fresh bouquet of flowers to put on our living room table. Tulips are my favorite, so I always end up getting a bouquet of fresh cut tulips to put in my vase. As simple as they are, they add a pop of color to our home and make me think spring. Life is all about the simple things, so if something simple like a fresh bouquet of flowers makes ya smile, go for it and get the flowers!

Spring Tulips.jpg

Take Photos Outside

Nic and I love taking photos outside, and we always have so much fun doing it. Whether we’re taking photos of each other, the scenery, flowers or buildings, it’s always a good time. Taking photos during spring definitely is special, because everything is making its comeback from the winter, and it’s a treat to capture that. Also, I don’t know about you, but I’m a huge fan of making scrapbooks, and having photos from the seasons are great memories.

CC Photos 4.21.18-7 (1).jpg

Nic and Christiana Casually Christiana .jpg

Plant Something

As Audrey Hepburn once said, “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.” A beautiful quote that I absolutely love. Springtime is the perfect time to plant some flowers, even if it’s just one little plant in your living room. The green color will pop and make you get that giddy spring feeling whenever you look at it. I have a little plant stand in our living room with about 14 plants and flowers, and they never cease to make me smile. Simple joys, I tell ya.

Casually Christiana Plants.jpg

Take A Weekend Trip

Finally, another fun spring activity is to go on a weekend trip! It can be a day or an overnight trip, whatever you want! You can…

  • Visit a garden
  • Go to a festival (I’ve always wanted to go to Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival …one day)
  • Take a hike in a state park
  • Pick some wildflowers
  • Go to a nearby town and spend the day exploring
  • Have a picnic in a town you’ve never been to before

Spring is such a beautiful time of the year and it’s important to enjoy every moment of it. If you can enjoy any of the 5 activities I listed above, soak in every bit of it.

Have a great day everyone, and enjoy that sunshine.



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