10 Random Things That Make Me Happy

The spring weather is finally here. Today, it’s supposed to get up to 80 degrees, and I am beyond excited to soak up the sun. As I was walking to work today, I began thinking about random things that make me happy. Of course Nic, my family and friends make me happy, but today I was thinking about little random things that always bring a smile to my face. I actually started making a list of random things that make me happy over the last few months, and I figured why not share it with you all? So, that’s what I’m doing today!

1. Fresh Cut Tulips

This probably doesn’t come as a surprise to any of my blog followers. I’ve mentioned tulips many, MANY times before, but fresh cut tulips make me so happy. I love seeing them planted outside, in bouquets at the grocery store, and on our kitchen table. They’re a guaranteed smile.

2. Hallmark Movies

Hallmark moves – 100%. I am a HUGE Hallmark fan (also, no surprise). Hallmark movies always make me happy, whether it’s Christmas movies, spring movies or June wedding month – they all bring smiles to my face.

3. Evening Walks

Evening walks never cease to make me smile and make me feel refreshed and relaxed. Nic and I always try to go on evening walks, and I find that going for stroll in the evening helps take my mind off of my busy day and any stressors I may have had. Evening walks make me feel calm, happy and free. I already can’t wait to go for one tonight.

Casaully Christiana MKE.jpg

4. Warm Blankets

Whenever I’m doing laundry and washing blankets, I always take them out of the dryer and wrap myself around one and wrap one around Nic. And I stay wrapped up until that warm feelings goes away. I love it. So cozy.

5. Handwritten Notes

A lost art, some may say. In a digital world of texts and emails, handwritten notes are something texts and emails don’t compare to. When I get a handwritten note, it makes me so happy. I have a memory box where I save a bunch of random items, and handwritten notes are one of them. I actually keep a few notes in my wallet, from Nic, my mom and grandpa, and I pull them out and read them on a rainy day (and I don’t even care how big my wallet gets because of it).

6. Hugs

So simple, yet so wonderful. Hugs make many people happy, and I’m definitely one of those people. I’m a major hugger. Nic and I hug goodbye every morning and hello every evening. Seriously, such a simple thing that makes me so happy (and others happy, too).

8. Windows Open at Night

Anyone else love this? Now that it’s warm out, we’ve been keeping the windows open at night. This morning, I woke up at 3:00AM, and I heard birds singing outside. It sounds so simple, but my goodness did it make me happy. Simple beauties.

9. Nic Calling When He’s Leaving Work

Every single day, I look forward to getting my usual call from Nic when he leaves work. I always feel giddy when I see him calling, because I know that means he’ll be home soon, and we’ll make dinner together, talk about our day and relax.

10. Reading By the Lake

I love grabbing a coffee and a book and reading by the lake. It’s so fun to escape in a good book by beautiful scenery with a warm cup of joe.

*11*. Sunsets  

Alright, I added a bonus one because I wanted to. Sunsets never fail to make me smile. Last weekend in Door County, we made it a point to watch every sunset that weekend. They make me so happy, and just remind me of the earth’s beauty and the simple things in life.

Nic and Christiana Casually Christiana.jpg

I hope you all enjoyed reading about little, random things that make me happy. When you start thinking about random things, you just keep adding more and more and more. If you want, I recommend writing them down. It’s nice to go and read it every now and then. 🙂

Tell me what makes you happy, I’d LOVE to hear from you! Comment below or tweet me!

Have a beautiful day!



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