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Christmas in July with Basic Invite

Tis the season to… celebrate Christmas in July! If there’s one holiday I get way too excited about, it’s Christmas. Seriously. Not only do I love the holiday, I basically celebrate it yearlong in one way or another. Whether that’s keeping one little snowman on the bookshelf year round or listening to Christmas music, I keep the Christmas spirit alive all year. That’s why when Basic Invite reached out to me to promote their stationary line for Christmas in July, I knew this was a match made in heaven.

Basic Invite is a is a high-quality custom stationary company. They have custom cards for weddings, wedding showers, engagements, birthdays… you name it. They also have a beautiful line of holiday cards that I was more than excited to try out. Let me tell ya, they did not disappoint this Christmas fanatic.

I got a chance to order 6 custom Christmas cards and go through the full experience of customization and I must say, it was SO easy. There were so many options in the Christmas/holiday department, such as the vintage Christmas cards and holiday photo cards. Often, when you’re working on customizing something like a card, it can be a pretty stressful process. That was not the case with Basic Invite. Creating these Christmas cards was easy, simple and fun. The steps were clearly laid out and customization was a total breeze. There were a few things that really stood out to me in the ordering process. One of those things is the almost unlimited color options they offer. I loved that I had so many options when designing these cards from the background to the font. If I wanted a color, they had it. What also stood out to me was the option to order custom samples. You can create a custom card, and instead of ordering all of them right away, you can just get one sample to see how you like it. I LOVE this, because it takes away any stress or fear that the card isn’t going to be exactly what you had hoped for. Lastly, what I also loved about Basic Invite was their address capturing service. This service allows you to share a link on your social media to gather addresses of your family and friends and have that information automatically stored to your Basic Invite account. If THAT wasn’t enough, address printing comes at no extra cost on all Christmas card orders. Awesome, right?! Also, side note, their customer service was awesome. I had a few questions with my order, and I was able to live chat with them and get my questions answered right away.

Here are the beautiful Christmas cards I ordered. I tried a few Christmas cards with photos from Nic and I and also some Christmas party invites. I loved all of these cards, and because of them, we’re planning on hosting a holiday soiree this year.

If you want to get the same cards I did, I linked them below from left to right!

Christmas Party, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Holiday Soiree, Jingle and Mingle & pine wreath Happy Holidays  

I LOVED putting these cards together and it totally got me in the holiday spirit.

Right now, Basic Invite is offering 30% off their holiday cards with the code holi30 – so DON’T MISS OUT! Get ahead this holiday season and get your cards ordered now! Gather those sweet photos of you and your boo or family and order your Christmas cards today! What better way to celebrate Christmas in July? I don’t ho ho ho know! 😉

I loved working with Basic Invite and cannot wait to use them in the future for more events and special occasions.

Stay merry. 🙂


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