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All We Ever Wanted – Casually Christiana Book Club Review

Hi everyone! It’s the end of the month (how is that even possible), but I’m excited to share my thoughts from the #ccbookclub selection for July! July’s pick was All We Ever Wanted by Emily Giffin, and I definitely wasn’t disappointed with it. As I mentioned in Casually Christiana Book Club – July Selection, I’m a big Giffin fan. However, this book was very different from her other ones. Below, I answered 5 of the 8 questions to the initial prompts I wrote before reading the book.




What do you think of Emily Giffin and her writing?

I really like her writing. I feel like it’s very easy to connect to and follow through the whole time. In this book, the story was told from different perspectives, and I have to say, Giffin did a GREAT job of changing her tone from character to character. In a book with a lot of painful moments and difficult topics, I think she wrote very well and was able to get inside the minds of each of the characters. This isn’t easy to do, but I think Giffin did an amazing job of it.

What did you like best about this book?

I’d have to say my favorite part of the book was reading the story from different perspectives. I really liked being able to understand the story from the eyes of Nina, Tom and Lyla. I found this to be a really effective technique, especially when you’re telling a difficult and emotionally draining story. I found myself eager to hear all of their perspectives in the story. I would have liked to hear Polly’s perspective during the course of the book too, especially near the end. I feel like that could have been a whole other story in itself. The popular saying goes that there are two sides to every story, but in this case, there were many sides. I really liked this approach, and it was definitely what I liked best about the book.

What did you like least about this book?

The ending. When the book ended, I think I actually grunted because I wasn’t happy with it. I felt like the issues weren’t resolved and I had so many questions and anger when it ended. I like when books end full circle and the problems get resolved. I know the real world isn’t like this, and I think that was the point here. However, I hated that Finch got away with what he did. I wish him and his friend got punished, because they deserved it. But sadly, that’s real life, and not everyone gets punished for actions. So, the ending was my least favorite part. However, I loved seeing Lyla succeeding in her life and career and Tom and Nina doing well, too. So, in that case, I did like that part.

What feelings did this book evoke for you?

Anger, frustration and sadness. I know, not great emotions, but it’s true. I talked about this prompt on the CC Book Club Facebook group, and one of the book club members also agreed that she felt frustrated. What really upset me was how more characters didn’t stand up for Lyla or share the truth. This book reminded me of many similar unfortunate events that happen in our current generation, with technology and all. You often hear about situations such as this one happening, so reading about it and seeing all the lying and treatment that goes on behind the scenes really infuriated me. Finch and his friend should have been punished, and he wasn’t. He got away with it. And it made me sad and frustrated because this stuff really HAPPENS in real life.

Who’s your favorite character and why?

Nina. Although I really loved and respected Tom and Lyla, my favorite character was Nina. The way she held her own throughout the book was really strong of her. Many times, people fall silent because they don’t want to cause trouble or go against someone’s beliefs. That wasn’t the case with Nina. Her husband was being awful and doing some pretty slimy things to make the problem go away, but Nina stayed true to herself, her morals and values. She is SO strong and I respected her so much. Her honesty, courage and values really stood out to me. Also, I loved how much she cared about Lyla. It just shows what a big heart Nina has.



I loved our first month of CC Book Club, and I can’t wait for next month! I already have the book selected and announced on the CC Book Club Facebook Page! Otherwise, I’ll be posting a blog on it tomorrow. 🙂

If you want to join in on discussion, I’d love to have you join! Click here if you want to. Otherwise, you can join in by commenting below and telling me what you think about the book and answering any prompts you want! I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

Happy reading, my friends! 🙂


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