Don’t Let The World Change You

Have any of you ever been in a great mood and then one person just acted really rudely to you and it changed your whole mood? Maybe someone honked at you because you didn’t hit the gas pedal the EXACT second the light turned green, or someone yelled at you because you weren’t walking fast enough for them. Or, maybe someone yelled at you because you were walking behind them and they didn’t like how close you were to them. That situation happened to me the other day.

I was having a really nice day and decided to go for a run along the lake. It was a gorgeous day and the sunshine and blue skies put a big smile on my face. I had my Spotify playlist on and was really excited because Nic was getting home that night from traveling – it was a good day. As I was finishing my run, I was waiting at a crosswalk to cross the street to get back home. I was walking behind a man and a women as anyone would do. As we got across the street, I went to the left of the man to go up a path on the hill, which is a nice little shortcut. As I was walking around him, he turned around, stopped walking and yelled (yes, yelled) “Why don’t you just GO already? JUST GO! GO!” I was so taken aback by how mean he was, all I said was “I’m going up this shortcut, thank you so much, though.” After I said that, he looked confused and kept walking. As I got up the hill and let the situation settle in, I thought to myself that I wish I was firmer with him. Maybe I should have raised my voice at him, maybe I should have yelled back. But what good would that have done? Yelling or being rude back wouldn’t have been me, and it wouldn’t be who I am.

That’s when the bigger picture hit me – you can’t let the world and the people in it change you. You are going to encounter people who are just really mean for no reason. Instead of being mean back, be kind. The world NEEDS it. It needs you and your kind heart. It needs your kind words and kind gestures. Don’t fight anger with anger, fight it with kindness. Next time someone honks at you at that green light, just keep driving with grace. If someone yells at you for walking too close to them, say excuse me or even have a good day. I’ve learned kindness will always take you further in life.

Now, with that, if you find yourself getting mad at someone for driving too slow (we’ve all been there), rethink your actions. Is it worth it? I can tell you it’s not. Don’t waste time being angry, and don’t forget to be kind to others because you never know what they’re going through.


But, most importantly, don’t let the world change you. Stay who you are, the world needs it more than you think.

Have a great day, everyone. Stay who are you, and don’t ever change.

♥ Christiana

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