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5 Ways To Stay Stress Free During The Holidays

The beautiful holiday season is upon us. For those of you who have been following my blog for awhile, you know that I LOVE Christmas. Everything about the holiday make me so happy. I also love Thanksgiving, but Christmas is where it’s at. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner, though they’re filled with tons of love and excitement, they can also be stressful. No worries, my friends. I’m here to offer you some advice to make them less stressful and more relaxing and fun. Because that’s what the holidays are all about, sometimes we just need little reminders.

5 Ways To Stay Stress Free During The Holidays


1. Budget

Don’t forget to budget. It’s REALLY easy to overspend, whether it’s food for entertaining, presents or even cute new outfits (like that dress for your Christmas Eve gathering). The key here is to budget. Set aside time to map out a realistic budgeting plan for yourself. This can include what you want to spend on presents, food for entertaining, new clothes, donating to charities you love and so on. This will help you see what you’re spending money on and how you can allocate it in the best way that makes sense. Also, it will only inspire you to find those great deals. I am a big fan of budgeting, and find that it really helps get rid of stress. Give it a try!

2. Light Candles

Yes, candles. I’ve always found that candles help me remain calm and relaxed. I love pulling out our balsam candles during the holiday months. It smells like a winter wonderland and puts you in a great mood. We had friends over the other day and I had the candle lit, and when they walked in they immediately said it smelled like a forest. The fresh balsam candle from Bath & Body Works is the BEST and my all time favorite.

3. Be Realistic & Embrace “No”

One big tip is to be realistic about your time and remember than you CAN say no. If you have too many obligations and someone asks you to do something, it is 100% OK to say no. Be realistic about your time. If you keep saying yes to people just to please them, you will only hurt (and stress) yourself. It’s wonderful to help people, but you need to take care of yourself.

4. Do What You Enjoy

The holidays can get so busy, it can be easy to forget to do things that you like. Remember to do the things YOU love during the holidays. If you want to attend the town tree lighting, make it happen! If you want a lazy Sunday to just relax, amen to that! Everyone’s schedules are so busy and it’s wonderful to do things for others, but you also need to do things for yourself.

5. Remember What Matters

At the end of the day, remember what matters and remember what the holidays are all about. If you get overwhelmed because your Thanksgiving dish didn’t turn out like you planned, it’s OK. What matters most during the holidays is showing people you love them and care about them. When all is said and done, dishes are delicious, but memories are what you’ll remember, not that burned appetizer you made. Remember what matters, and remember what the holidays are really about. I promise you, it’ll help put things in perspective.

This holiday season, make it one to remember. When times get stressful, just take a step back and follow these tips. And always, always remember what holidays are truly about and what really matters.


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