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5 Ways To Stay Organized In 2019

Going into the new year always feels like a blank slate. You feel fresh and ready to crush the goals you’ve set for yourself. I’ve gone into the beginning on 2019 feeling more organized than ever, and I’m here to share some of my tips with you! 

1. Clean Before Sleep

This is a MUST. Every night before bed, no matter how tired I am, I always clean up and put things away. Nic and I never leave the dishes dirty and make it a point to put everything away after dinner. Not only that, but I make sure there aren’t any clothes on the floor or little items out of place. This seems like just a small action, but it makes all the difference. This way, you’re not waking up to a mess and you’re starting the day off with a clean (literally) start. 

2. Plan Meals

One thing we’ve started to do is plan meals. Each week, we’ll write out the meals we want to make and make sure we have enough for lunch the next day. This way, you can get all your groceries together and not be stressing when you get home from work trying to figure out what to make. Not only that… if you plan accordingly… you save a ton of $$$$ by bringing your own lunch. WIN.

3. Get Ready For Tomorrow… Today

Get ready for tomorrow the night before! I always pack my purse in the morning will all of my essentials, put my lunch box next to the fridge, have my coffee mug ready to go AND have my outfit picked out. SERIOUSLY. This saves you so much time and sanity. The days I don’t get ready the night before, I feel so off. So, this is a major must for a more organized life.

4. Use A Notepad

Whether it’s on your phone or actual paper, USE IT! Write down your to-do list, thoughts, ideas, you name it. I don’t know about you, but I’ll think something to myself, not write it down, then get frustrated trying to remember what I was thinking about. Yeah – nobody has time for that. Use that notepad.

5. Plan Out Vacations / Weekend Escapes

This one is huge. Plan out those weekend escapes and vacations ahead of time, or chances are, they might just slip away. This summer, Nic and I want to go camping, so we have that in the books. We also want to go for a winter weekend getaway up north, and we also have that down. If there are places you want to go that you just never have the chance to get to, change that. Plan it out. Pick a month, a weekend, a day, and make it happen.

These 5 steps make a world of a difference. I feel so much more organized, and I KNOW you will too.


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