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I Said YES to My Dream Dress

This last weekend, I went wedding dress shopping with my mom, cousin and aunt. It was such a fun day and so, so many memories were made. I wouldn’t have changed a thing about the day. And, if you hadn’t guessed by the title… I said YES to my dream dress!

i said yes to the dress

We went to two boutiques in Milwaukee, and believe it or not, I chose the FIRST DRESS I tried on at the FIRST boutique we went to, White Dress Bridal Boutique! The owner of White Dress told me a fun statistic… this happens to about 66% of brides! I had no idea and loved hearing that statistic, and being part of it. When I started looking at dresses, I asked my mom to come and help me pick out 8 dresses to try on. We are still in debate over who actually found my dress. 😉

When I tried the dress on, I IMMEDIATELY knew it was the one. I actually laughed to my stylist and said “oh shoot, this is the one and I still have so many more to try on!” And, if that wasn’t perfect enough, when I was standing in the dress in front of the mirror by my family, “This Will Be An Everlasting Love” started playing and I knew everything was meant to be. Seriously, all of the stars aligned. My stylist told me it was a good thing my first dress was the one, because I would be comparing all the other dresses I tried on to the first one. I tried on a handful of other dresses at the boutique and a few more at the next boutique we went to, but I 110% knew the first one was my dream dress. However, I’m happy I tried on others, because it only solidified my choice.

When we went back to White Dress to officially say yes, I put the dress back on, stood in front of the mirror and excitedly said (screamed) YES when my stylist officially asked me if this was the dress. She popped the champagne and we all smiled and talked as we sipped our drinks. I sat in my dress for about 20 more minutes with my family by my side, champagne in hand and the biggest smile on my face.

Simply put, I found my dream dress to wear when I marry my dream guy. This will be an everlasting love, indeed. 🙂

I’m working on another post that will go out this week about 10 tips to keep in mind when you go wedding dress shopping – all of which helped me out tremendously! I can’t wait to share.

Talk soon!


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