Valentine’s Day Reminders

It’s Valentine’s Day, a day I truly love. I love reminding people how much I love them and hearing it in return. As Nic brought up today, this is our first and last Valentine’s Day as an engaged couple… next year at this time we’ll be married! It’s crazy to think how time flies and where you’ll be a year from this exact moment.

This Valentine’s Day, my heart is bursting with excitement for the year to come. I get to marry my best friend and say I Do in the town where we met almost 5 years ago. I am so lucky to be living life with someone I can be myself with, all the time. It’s truly an incredible feeling and the biggest blessing.

This Valentine’s Day is also a reminder to remind those you love that you love them. It’s scary how fast life can change… sometimes all it takes is one phone call to turn your life upside down. I recently had one of those moments, and it really put life into perspective. That’s why today is a reminder to tell other’s you love them, call your closest family and friends and talk to them. Hear their voice. Listen to the cheerfulness as they talk. Ask them to be your Valentine (I’ve asked my grandpa to me mine every single year, though he knows he now shares that title with Nic). Today is a good reminder to never take life for granted, because you really never know what can happen.

Today is about love, but it’s also about reminders. It’s not just for couples, it’s for everyone.

With that being said, enjoy today. Tell those you love that you love them. Don’t take any moment for granted. Every day we have is a gift, and we need to remember that.

Happy Valentine’s Day, to all of you! Sending love to each and every one of you.


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