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One Month Until The Big Day

I’d be lying if “Today I Met The Boy I’m Gonna Marry” hasn’t been stuck in my head on repeat this last week. I’d also be lying if I said my stomach wasn’t full of butterflies everyday, too. We are ONE MONTH AWAY from our big day. Where did the time go?! How is it only 30 days away?!

It feels like yesterday when I met Nic. I still see him sitting by that bonfire and I still remember taking a seat next to him. I also vividly remember knowing, in that exact moment, I had just met my future husband. People often ask me if I really knew in that moment, and the answer is 100% yes. Love at first sight is real, and it happened. From that day forward, I knew one day, I would be where I am today… getting ready to marry my best friend. It also feels like yesterday when he proposed, that dreamy proposal I still think about all the time. I would say Nic and I relive that day… at least once every two weeks. Minimum.

With all the wedding preparations, we only have a few items left on our checklist! All of the big things are out of the way, and now, just for the last few bits! One big bit is our seating chart – send good vibes. Overall, it’s been smooth sailing, and I found another passion of mine… wedding planning. How I love wedding planning. I’ve always loved love and everything to do with it – stories, weddings, etc. But, I never knew how much I loved wedding planning until I was smack dab in the middle of it. So, just saying, if anyone out there needs some wedding planning help, hit me up!

I can’t wait to continue sharing stories from our wedding journey with you all. From guest list tips, top 5 things to remember during the wedding planning process, awesome DIY ideas and much more. I have so much to share and I cannot wait to share them. Until then, the countdown CONTINUES! A month left, and a lifetime to go with my best friend.



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