Whitening Sensitive Teeth at Home

Hey, everyone! I hope 2020 has been treating you well. I am starting off the year off as a married woman, and I am LOVING every single minute of it! Seriously it is the best. And I have SO many exciting blogs in the works, I can’t wait to keep sharing them with you!

Smile Brilliant Review

Recently, I was sent Smile Brilliant to test and honestly review, and I was beyond excited to give it a try. I’ve always had sensitive teeth and sure do love my coffee, so when I found out these products are incredibly conscious towards sensitive teeth, I knew this would be the right fit for me. Seriously, I don’t just use anything for my teeth – I am incredibly cautious.

Let me start by saying Smile Brilliant’s customer service was beyond impressive. Questions? They have answers. Concerns? They will talk them through with you. Teeth are no joke, so when you want to journey down the road of whitening them, you need to take it seriously with people who take it seriously. Therefore, I really respected that they took MY teeth and my journey so seriously.

The process was incredibly fast, and actually a lot of fun. Within days, my custom teeth whitening kit was delivered to me. The instructions were clearly laid out, easy to follow and quick to use. Fun fact: my husband and I had a blast doing the molds of my teeth. It wasn’t a hassle, but a fun thing to do together. I’m telling ya, it’s all about the little things in life!

When I received my kit, I needed to make molds of my teeth and then send them back in so my whitening kit could be tailored specifically to me – cool, right? Once I got my molds back, the whitening process began. It was so easy, which let’s be real, who has time to add anything complicated in life? I am SO busy as it is, so the fact that I could whiten my teeth while still being on the go with coffee in hand was amazing. I used the whitening kit and desensitizing gel, and the results were clear as day… and honestly, really exciting to see and share. I didn’t keep the trays in as long as recommended, because I know my teeth and didn’t want to keep them in too long. With that being said, you know your teeth better than anyone. You know what you can and can’t handle, so be cautious. With me, I knew my teeth wouldn’t handle the full time well, so I made sure to cut the time down.

With all of that being said… my teeth became whiter, and my smile shined a little brighter! I am thrilled I got to try these amazing products, and I completely recommend it to anyone who wants to whiten their teeth with a company they can trust and products they can stand behind.

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Smile Brilliant review

I’m so excited, everyone. Thanks for reading, and stayed tuned for some exciting posts and announcements!


Smile Brilliant sponsored this post. All thoughts & opinions are my own.

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