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What I Love About Being a Business Owner

Hi, everyone! It’s been quite a bit since I last blogged, and there’s a reason for that! For those of you who don’t know, Nic and I started our own business in 2020, and it’s kept us VERY busy!

Last year, we dreamed up and opened Door County Delivered, a service delivering local Door County products straight to your doorstep! Door County has always had an incredibly special place in our hearts. I grew up in the county, Nic and I met in the county and got married in the county. So, I think you get the picture.

Opening this business and being a business owner has been bliss. Of course, there are days that are more stressful than others and days that seem like everything comes crashing down… but such is life, and the good far outweighs the bad. That’s something I continue to remind myself, to focus on the good.

I never thought I’d own a business when I was growing up. It wasn’t something I ever thought of until I met Nic. He always had a passion for owning his own business and building something of his own. I loved that, and quickly, his passion sparked a fire in my heart.

There are many things I love about being a business owner. One of the big things I love about it is the fact that the business is ours. Nic and I pour our heart and soul into this business each and every day, and it’s ours. It’s an amazing feeling, and one that’s hard to describe.

However, what I love most is the support, love and encouragement we receive from people we know us but are also complete strangers. The fact that so many people have believed in us, believed in our product and believed in our business fuels our passion every day, and fills our hearts with joy and hope. There is something so special about people who stand behind you, people who encourage you and people who want to see you succeed. Our family, friends and customers are our biggest cheerleaders, and it’s their support that keeps us going. It’s those people that you think about when you have bad days, and it’s one of the most amazing parts of owing your own business.

I absolutely love being a business owner and building this dream with my husband. Everyday has been an adventure, and the best part is that adventure will always greet us with open arms.

I can’t wait to continue sharing our business updates, and I am planning to share more about my journey as a business owner on my blog!

You can check our Door County Delivered’s website here, and take a peek at our store here!

Thanks for reading! More to come. 🙂


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