• Engagement photo in Maui

    We’re Engaged! – 11.21.18

    WE'RE ENGAGED! I still have butterflies writing these words, and we've been engaged for over a month. I've been taking in every beautiful moment of our engagement since it happened, and I am so excited to share the story with you all!

  • Nic and I: Our 5 Favorite Traits About Each Other

    To start off this blog, I have some exciting blog news. This is the start of a new series on Casually Christiana called Nic and I. Similar to previous blogs I’ve done with Nic, this series will be focused on blogs we do together. They will range from tips, advice, stories, memories and everything in between. I’m so excited to be starting off this new series with today’s blog, which is Nic and I talking about our favorite traits about each other. First, I’ll name my five favorite traits about Nic, then elaborate on them a little bit. Then, Nic will write down his favorite traits about me and elaborate…